Every year theres a long list of regrets. The only thing i never find myself regretting is the one piece of strawberry rhubarb pie (it may have been two) so here's my extensive list of regrets
  1. Studying for that stupid chemistry test that I failed anyways
  2. Not having a birthday party (I only get 1 day a year-- I should have taken advantage of it)
  3. Not calling in sick for that 2 hour shift that ruined a weekend roadtrip
  4. Putting up with toxic people and becoming a little more toxic myself
  5. Not knowing the difference between friendly and flirty and wrecking a relationship because of it
  6. Shovelling the drive pad this morning
  7. Not wearing pjs to school just because I can
  8. Not putting the important people in my life first
  9. For the first time I am guilty of building a friendship to benefit me not because I like the person.
  10. Forgiving that asshole for playing with me
  11. Not going home for christmas