I don't like anything scary, but I love a good Halloween themed tv show.
  1. Parks and Rec- Greg Pikitis
    Dave! ❤️ He was too cute.
  2. Parks and Rec- Meet 'n' Greet
    April Killed it with the costume.
  3. Parks and Rec- Halloween Surprise
    Jerry's fart attack!
  4. Happy Endings- Spooky Endings
    One of my all time favorite shows. Jane in the bacon consume is 💯
  5. Marry Me- Scary Me
    Rewatching this episode made me remember how great this show was. I can't believe they cancelled it.
  6. Community- Introduction to Statistics
    Abed as Batman is adorable and I'm glad they bring him back later.
  7. Community- Epidemiology
    The Dean as Lady Gaga is almost too much, but it's really Just Right!
  8. Community- Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps
  9. Friends- The One with the Halloween Party
    How was this the only Halloween episode they did??
  10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Halloween
    The Halloween bet begins!
  11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Halloween II
    Any story with Gina dancing is the best.
  12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Halloween Part III
    Go Amy!!
  13. Fresh off the Boat- Miracle on Dead Street
    Jessica fighting teenagers is amazing!