Our current apps just aren't cutting it
  1. Find friends.
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    Actually matches you with people you would realistically be friends with
  2. Compass
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    Evaluates your life choices and helps lead you onto the right path
  3. Starbucks
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    Knows your Starbucks order and automatically sends it to you at designated points throughout the day
  4. Currency
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    Provides you with currency. Pretty cut and dry
  5. Remote
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    Not exclusively for Apple TV. Remote allows you to control your light switches for when you're tucked in bed perfectly cozy but you forgot to turn off the lights
  6. Voice Memos
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    Records your voice at crucial moments and reminds you of the thing you went into that room for that you forgot about as soon as you entered the room
  7. Tips
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    Gives real, helpful tips for when you're in a sticky situation. Or when you just can't decide which sandwich to get
  8. Health
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    This is your health! You have this app, you're healthy!