I have no fun(ny) lists to add to Draftmas but I'm feeling the pressure! But this may be too whiny and I might delete it as soon as I realize how annoying it is 🙈
  1. As an introvert, I get my energy from being alone.
  2. If I'm around other people for too long I feel exhausted.
  3. So I spend a good amount of time by myself which is mostly good.
  4. But then I start to feel isolated.
  5. Isolation is not the same as being alone.
  6. My introversion (is that a word?) mixed with my depression make it difficult to get out much.
  7. I crave the solitude but the isolation is starting to make me feel worse.
  8. I want to see my friends and feel their support.
  9. But I can't ask for it because that would be too needy.
  10. Also I'm terrified of pushing people away by coming on too strong.
  11. So I'm avoiding the conversation all together.
  12. But it's making me feel worse and worse.
  13. And the black hole I'm in just keeps getting darker and darker.
  14. I know that my friends can't read my mind and know what I need without me telling them, but that conversation is so scary!!
  15. How do I start that conversation without being too demanding?
  16. Also posting this (if I do) also feels very needy and makes my stomach hurt 😞
  17. Also I'm sorry if I'm always a major downer on here!!