This is just a selection of who I follow. If you don't follow any animals on Instagram, you should really look into it. It'll make your life better.
  1. Chloetheminifrenchie
    Like me, she doesn't like her naps to be interrupted.
  2. Ameliahedgehog
    Any hedgehog in a teacup is a winner in my book
  3. Misofrenchie
    Grumpy and owning it
  4. Prissy_pig
    The outfits are a little much but I can't bring myself to unfollow
  5. Leo_gramz
    Just cute as hell
  6. Piggyandpolly
    I want to be a part of this nap club
  7. Thebonaparte
    I'd feel the same way if I was wrapped up in Christmas lights like that
  8. Furdeforce
    Combo of three dogs plus the occasional cat. Lots of cuteness
  9. Barkleysircharles
    Sassiest. Loves posing upside down
  10. Lionelthehog
    A real life angel
  11. Beanzhart
    Queen of the Internet as far as I'm concerned 👑