What did we do before iPhones??
  1. My dictionary app
    I hate spelling things wrong so I use this a lot to check myself. Also I look up words I don't know Constantly!
  2. IMDB
    I am very into knowing the actors in everything I watch. I want to know what other movies/ shows they've been in, who else they've starred with and what crime show they started on (so many actors start with a role as a victim on SVU or Criminal Minds or really any other crime show).
  3. Safari
    Another crucial app. Mostly for research purposes. I google people All Day! I go to their Wikipedia and search for every little detail about their life. At any one time there are probably 5 celebrity Wikipedia pages open on my safari.
  4. The List App
    Well this should be pretty obvious and I'm assuming you all can relate to this. I spend the majority of my day making lists, reading lists, and brainstorming my next lists.
  5. Google Maps
    Which map app you prefer seems to be a very controversial topic. I prefer Google maps. And I look up almost every place I go. Maybe because I don't know how to get there (even after the 8th time) or maybe I just want to check traffic and see if I can beat the ETA they give me.
  6. Podcasts
    I'm very into podcasts. They're essential to my driving routine. I don't know why more people aren't into podcasts. I think I like them because it's like overhearing conversations famous people are having. It feels very personal and they Want me to hear everything they're saying. It's like I have friends *sigh*
  7. Shazam
    Another important "research" app. If I don't know a song that's playing, I have to find out what it is! Also good for shazaming the music blasting out of my fraternity neighbors' houses on Saturday morning game days (what was my alarm song this morning?)