Maybe I was being too picky but it was my birthday and I was Definitely going to cry because I absolutely wanted to!
  1. 12
    I was very excited to be having a huge slumber party for my birthday. Even the cool girl in my class, who I was barely friends with, said she could come. Dream come true! It was great until my dream guest spent the whole night smearing cream cheese on people and putting people's hands in warm water. I'm not a fan of pranks but I was too terrified to tell her to stop, so I let her terrorize my guests and ruin my couch. I spent the whole next morning cleaning in silence.
  2. 13
    I was finally a teenager and my dumb aunt and uncle decided to get married the day before my birthday. They called and asked if it was okay months before but I'm too polite to say no (how could I possibly tell them to reschedule their wedding?). So my "party" was sitting in our hotel room, eating the gross top tier of their wedding cake, which had nuts (ew), talking about their wedding and how great the day was. My mom also got me all monkey themed gifts. I WAS OVER MONKEYS, MOM!!
  3. 16
    My sweet sixteen!! Apparently my dad and my best friend had been secretly planning an amazing party for me months in advance. She of course couldn't keep a secret and told me about it and my hopes were Way up! Unfortunately, my dad ended up having other things going on and the party never happened. He was out of town on business and I spent my birthday with just my little sister and my mom, eating ice cream (that was my "cake") on my couch, bitter and angry about the party that never happened
  4. 19
    I was still on my school's rowing team so I had to stay at school over spring break. My friend and teammate said she would take me out for the night to celebrate but instead ditched me to go to a gymnastics meet because everyone else was going. I spent the night in my dorm eating pizza and watching Frozen.
  5. 20
    Most people would consider me lucky to have a birthday over spring break, but I would strongly disagree. All my friends were on fun trips so I decided to go to New York to visit my sister and have fun in the city. On the actual day there was absolutely no mention of my birthday (it was 16 Candles in real life!). I dropped her off at her train around 4 and all she said was nice to have seen you! I bought myself two cupcakes and numerical candles so I could sing myself happy birthday.