1. I just had a great visit with my sister and her boyfriend who I don't usually get along with.
  2. But I'm ready to sleep in my own bed. That futon took a toll.
  3. I'll miss this puppy though. (I swear there's a dog in there)
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  4. The TSA agent asked me where I was going and I Panicked. Obviously I know but I'm always worried I'll say the wrong thing and what happens then??
  5. Security was So fast though. Definitely a perk of having a smaller airport.
  6. 1. They really need it
  7. A strange man kept talking to me in the news shop. He was talking very loudly and kept telling me and everyone else that he was watching his stuff that he left outside the shop.
  8. Maybe to ward off thieves? Seems to be working
  9. The woman at check out asked me if I wanted to get anything for the troops. Definitely made me feel a little guilty that I don't do more. I hope they have some nice conversations with their families using the phone card I got
  10. Bought some popcorn but it looks questionable. Only saw that after I ate 3/4 of the bag though so I finished it. Fingers crossed I don't get sick.
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  11. Then three sixteen year old kids ran by Yelling that they were going to be meditation room
  12. 2. They're definitely not going to meditate
  13. The attendant took my ticket and I panicked again because I realized I didn't know my seat number!!
  14. I'm on Southwest 😞
  15. Thank god ListApp is here for me to vent to
  16. Definitely sitting near a smoker. The smell does not hide!
  17. It's a weirdly comforting scent because it reminds me of my great aunt. Weird?
  18. Ok, it's time to take off.
  19. Happy Sunday night everyone. 💕
  20. If you made it all the way through this boring list you deserve a medal.
  21. 🏅 Here you go!
  22. PS if you're my secret Santa and you're reading this and you sent your gift and are wondering why I haven't mentioned it yet I've been away from home since Thursday and I'll be home tonight!