Or: things I can't get on board with Or: things I'm sure I'm missing out on
  1. Leaving my house on the weekends
  2. Watermelon. Or an melon.
  3. Waking up with the sun
  4. Running
  5. Coffee. I like everything coffee flavored except my water
  6. Leaving a bottle of wine unfinished
  7. Getting excited for social events
  8. Limiting tv time
  9. Portion control
  10. Milk in cereal
  11. Licking the yogurt top
  12. Starting conversations with strangers
  13. Going to bed at a reasonable time
  14. Not crying during commercials that have even the slightest touch of sadness or sweetness
  15. Mushrooms
  16. Getting my homework done early so I don't have to rush the night before