Do I write too many lists about depression?
  1. I Smile Back
    This movie hit me in the gut. I suggest you watch it immediately. Sarah Silverman's performance is breathtaking and heartbreaking.
  2. The Virgin Suicides
    Of course the book was better, but the movie still captures the isolation of depression and the certainty that comes with suicidal thoughts, that death is a far better option than life.
  3. Inside Out
    Damn, this movie nailed it. I lost it in the theater when I saw it.
  4. The Skeleton Twins
    Both characters are struggling with asking for help and are self destructive as a result.
  5. About Alex
    I think this movie nails the quiet desperation. (Spoiler) In the scene where Alex finally explains himself and why he attempted suicide, the others get angry at him for being so selfish and dramatic. They don't understand why he would have made such a scene when he just wanted attention and love. That's what depression is for some people, though. It's an emptiness that you need to fill up and when he couldn't get the love he needed, he asked for help in the clearest way he could think of.
  6. The End of the Tour
    Maybe an odd choice because the movie wasn't strictly about depression, but it does touch on David Foster Wallace's struggle and it opens with the news of his suicide. Plus I thought Jason Segel's performance was amazing
  7. Before I Disappear
    Richie is sure that his life will be over soon because he's lost the only person who ever really loved him. The only thing that can bring him back is someone showing him the love that he doesn't believe he deserves anymore.
  8. It's Kind of a Funny Story
    A lot of movies about depression center around a character who had everything going against them and it seems very rational that they would be depressed. The main character here, Craig, is not like that at all. He has friends and a loving family and has had a generally good life, but is still struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.
  9. Cake
    Claire struggles with chronic pain and depression after a terrible accident. I think this is the first serious role I've seen Jennifer Aniston in and she nailed it.