AHHHHHH! It's here!! Thank you a million times to @SheStoodAkimbo for the gift. I love it and you so much!
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    I'm so excited!!
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    I saw this box on my front step and I was confused for a second because I definitely didn't order anything from KONE. I've never even heard of that.
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    But it was addressed to me! So maybe I ordered something at 2 am again and forgot? Not unlikely.
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    She wrote me a wonderful note including the reasoning behind each of the books she sent.
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    Then I realized it might be my secret Santa gift and I got Very excited!!
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    I loved the note. I'm totally a procrastinator too 😁
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    I think it would be really cool to manage a Barnes and Noble. Being surrounded by books everyday sounds ideal!
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    Then came the books!
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    First was Lamb. I've never heard of it but the reviews on the book look good and I'm always up for something new!
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    Next was The Shadow of the Wind which I have also never read or heard of. But it looks amazing and Stephen King and @SheStoodAkimbo both said they loved it so it has to be good
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    Thank you so much Lisa for this Amazing gift!! It was so thoughtful and I can't wait to read both of these books!
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    😊😊😊 this was me the whole time I was opening the box 😊😊😊
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    I'm so happy that this Secret Santa went so well. All thanks to @ChrisK, of course! Thanks for being real life Santa and making the holidays so fun for us all! πŸŽ…πŸΌβ€οΈ