I watched a LOT of tv this month. I've been especially down and when I'm feeling that way I usually turn to tv. Besides keeping up with my usual favorites, I branched out and found some great new stuff.
  1. House of Lies
    I watched all four seasons in three days and I'm now counting down the days to the season five premiere on April 10. I'm obsessed and fully invested in the characters' relationships. This show is Amazing. By far my favorite new discovery.
  2. Togetherness
    I'm always excited to watch anything new from the Duplass brothers and I don't know how I put this off for so long. The seasons are sadly only eight episodes each, but I really enjoyed season one. Also, whoever picks the music is doing a fantastic job.
  3. Love
    I was So excited to see Gillian Jacobs in a different role since I'm used to her as Britta (Community). I marathoned it in one sitting and really enjoyed it. I'm sad I have to wait a whole year (I'm assuming?!) for the next season.
  4. River
    Another Netflix show. I had put off watching this for a while because I wasn't sure it would be that great but I was wrong! It's six one hour episodes which, as usual, I watched in one sitting (I have a lot of time on my hands). It was dark and sad and the ending had me ugly crying but I loved it!
  5. Honorable mention: Gravity Falls finale
    I think Disney channel has really gone downhill since I was a kid. Or maybe I've just outgrown it but this is an exception! This isn't new to me this month, but they aired the final episode and I'm very sad to see it go.