I just want to say, I'm not here to shame you about what you eat! You eat what you like, and I'll eat what I like. Just please do some research before telling me I'm the misinformed one (this applies to so many things other than veganism). Also I'm nervous about posting this b/c people Hate vegans
  1. Where will you get your protein??
    Where do you think the big muscley cow you're eating gets his protein from? There's protein in lots of foods other than meat (including vegetables!)
  2. I could never eat vegan food
    Have you ever eaten any fruits or vegetables? You've eaten vegan food. Also, Oreos are vegan, so.
  3. How will you live without cheese?
    While I ate plenty of cheese in my day, once you find out how it's made and what happens to the cow, it's far less appealing.
  4. Will you be vegan forever?
    No, I'm sure one day I'll wake up and realize I'm totally cool with killing and torturing animals.
  5. Not a reaction I've gotten, but please know vegans are not out to get you
    I've made a decision about the way I eat and while I encourage everyone to do their own research about the food they're eating (because you should really know the effects your food has on your body- whether you eat animal products or not) I could never tell someone else how to live their life. Let's all respect and love each other ✨