Who else did I miss?
  1. Elastigirl
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    So the picture here is cut off, but what you can't see is "I don't think so". What an inspiring feminist superhero.
  2. Buttercup
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    Also a superhero. The Powerpuff Girls proved that girls can be cute and badass.
  3. Ginger
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    They really got creative with the name here. Ginger was great though. I wasn't popular in school either and she made it seem cool.
  4. Chuckle
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    The standout male on the list. He was usually the voice of reason and as a cautious person, I could relate.
  5. Kim Possible
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    Another badass female. I wanted to be her when I was growing up.
  6. Candace
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    She's just trying to get justice. And Jeremy!
  7. Wilma
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    I just really love the Flinstones
  8. Eliza from the wild thornberrys
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    She talks and saves animals on daily basis.
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  9. Yes!! How could I forget Eliza Thornberry? What a legend!
  10. Pepper Ann!
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    Her style was incomparable
    Suggested by @briana