This is by no means comprehensive
  1. Leslie is a hoarder
    She is so organized everywhere else so why can't she get it together in her own home?
  2. Donna seems to have endless money
    She has multiple vacation homes and is constantly traveling. I don't know where she gets her money, but damn! Also her Benz!
  3. Jerry's penis
    Poor guy had nothing going for him in his professional life. Luckily he's Very well endowed. Plus he has Gayle and the girls, of course.
  4. Everyone hates salads
    I get it 100%
  5. The raccoon problem
    I want to know how this started.
  6. Chris's therapist Dr. Richard Nygard
    I definitely agree that Chris needed therapy. I don't know if Dr. Richard Nygard did the best job, though, when he gave in to Chris and gave him that "best client" certificate. Was that fixing the problem or feeding the fire? Either way it was hilarious.
  7. April loves Leslie (and Ann!)
    Every moment when April shows how much she really cares is pure gold.
  8. Ron's ex-wives Tammy 1-2 (also his mother, Tammy)
    Suggested by   @ashlee
  9. Andy stopped drinking beer.
    To explain Chris Pratt's incredible weight loss and muscle gain for Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Suggested by   @rulesofjinx
  10. Duke Silver
    How did Ron fall into being a saxophone playing sex symbol for middle aged ladies? When did he learn to play? How did he manage to keep it so secret for so many years in such a small town?
    Suggested by   @alanarogerrrrs
  11. Lil Sebastian has an honorary degree from Notre Dame
    Suggested by   @franki
  12. The fourth floor of Pawnee City Hall
    Suggested by   @michelleanne
  13. The animal control department
    Harris and Brett are an amazing duo
    Suggested by   @sam158
  14. Tom's small business ideas
    Besides Entertainment 720, Tommy's Closet, and Tommy's Bistro, Tom is always listing off ideas or inventions that he thinks will take off, such as Toddler Cologne.
    Suggested by   @kaylaaa
  15. Champion the dog has three legs
    Suggested by   @cakecaroline
  16. Councilman Howser always running into Leslie at the most inopportune times
    Suggested by   @dmbanthony