Thank you, @nathanveshecco for my first list request 💕 I hope you'll give me credit for all of the titles you'll inevitably be inspired by.
  1. It Was Only A Dream
    My dreams are Very vivid and I need the reminder
  2. The Morning Song
    This is just my dog barking because it's the first thing I hear every morning
  3. Finally Alone
    This is a symphony of farts
  4. Never Been Kissed
    This doesn't apply to me anymore, but I had a lot of angst about it as a teenager and I could definitely get a song out of it
  5. How Did I Get Here?
    I have zero musical talent so this seems obvious
  6. Cry It Out
    All about the health benefits of a good cry
  7. At Night
    I'm mostly awake at night so this is just my autobiography
  8. Everything Hurts
    I end it on a depressing note. The way all successful albums do