I tend to put things off
  1. Go to the eye doctor
    My prescription is not cutting anymore and I'm starting to question whether I should be allowed to drive
  2. Deep clean my bedroom
    I end up laying in bed every time I try. There's just some kind of magnetic attraction between us
  3. Find a therapist
    The reasons I need one are the exact reasons that keep me from getting one.
  4. Go to sleep at a consistently early time
    I think I have insomnia (just another problem I've been blessed with) and I haven't gone to sleep before 3/4am in quite a long time
  5. Pay for my parking spot
    I haven't paid for my parking spot in about 2 months. Luckily my landlord is super lenient, but my worst nightmare is coming home to someone else in my space. I can't have a homeless car!