Maybe "insane" is a strong word
  1. She had a collection of tiny spoons that she ate with. She never cleaned them except with her mouth. They all lived in a gallon sized plastic bag that is surely ridden with bacteria.
  2. She was very specific that I couldn't eat her dried mango because she had it sent from Hawaii.
  3. I obviously never ate any of her food, but she reminded me every day about her mango anyway.
  4. She smelled her milk every morning before drinking it and made a face every time.
  5. She drank the milk every morning despite it smelling off.
  6. She also ate bread that was moldy.
  7. Her diet was mostly made up of expired food.
  8. (I don't know why she waited so long to eat her new groceries!!)
  9. She said that moldy food had no effect on her.
  10. She was often confused about why she threw up during workouts (we were both on the crew team at the time).
  11. She thought I was the crazy one for guessing that it was the expired food that was making her sick.
  12. She left a bag of bagels on her shelf for so long that they turned BLUE.
  13. She was immensely proud of her blue bagels.
  14. She kept them for a while. Too long.
  15. She never brushed her teeth at night.
  16. I'm sure it's no surprise that I was not broken hearted when we parted ways.