I haven't watched this movie in at least ten years and it's definitely one of my favorite Disney princess movies after noticing the awesome rebellion against gender roles
  1. Some real serious strict gender roles here. She won't bring honor to her family because she won't be a wife?
  2. She's not supposed to speak in a man's presence. That's fucked up.
  3. Her poor dad. Unfair roles that the males are supposed to play too. You can be a strong man without risking your life in the army.
  4. "I know my place. It's time you learned yours". Ugh. Seriously? Gtfo
  5. Mulan's got some Serious determination. You go girl.
  6. She looks bad ass as fuck in that uniform
  7. MUSHU 🐉
  8. Poor Mushu is undervalued too
  9. "I'm doomed. And all cause miss man had to take her drag show on the road" ummm
  10. Damn. All Disney horses have some serious attitude. Khan is no exception
  11. Mushu is travel sized 🐲
  12. They're saying all men are disgusting. This is maybe partly true??
  13. Shang! 😍
  14. I'm definitely into this cartoon. Like whoa.
  15. "You know when you get those manly urges. You just need to kill something"
  16. Ping. Good name.
  17. Cri-Kee is adorable.
  18. Wait do all princesses have multiple sidekicks? Like Ariel has two, Snow White has seven, Cinderella has like a million. Ok. I was thinking they each had two so I'm wrong.
  19. Let's Get Down To Business!
  20. It's Mushu's job to help Mulan survive but is it bad that he/ the elders just assume she can't do it?
  21. Mulan's climbing the pole!
  22. BAD ASS
  23. Why does the bad guy have a curvy sword? Also he reminds me of the bad guy in Quest for Camelot
  24. Just because I look like a man, doesn't mean I have to smell like one. Lol
  25. "There are a couple of things I Know they're bound to notice"- Mushu on the guys seeing Mulan naked
  26. "I never want to see a naked man again"- I guess she's just 16 or so 😁
  27. They're riding a panda?? That can't be ok
  28. A girl worth fighting for- a bunch of guys who just want pretty girls who will cook for them
  29. Good on Mulan for suggesting they go after a girl with a brain who speaks her mind!
  30. Oh no!!! Shang's dad 😥
  31. That little doll is really cute. Idk
  32. Shang gets shot in the shoulder and just casually pulls it out??
  33. "That's a lot of horses!"- little girl I'm babysitting
  34. Yes, Mulan! Start that Avalanche!
  35. Mushu pulling the guys up by their ponytails is hilarious
  36. Mulan saves Shang 👍🏻
  37. Mulan is the bravest of them all 💪🏻
  38. Ahhh she's hurt!
  39. No! She's found out!!
  40. "I knew there was something wrong with you! A woman!"
  41. What the fuck? She's the hero!!
  42. Even Khan knows it's wrong 🐴
  43. Wait they leave her?? I don't remember this
  44. She just wants to look in the mirror and see someone worthwhile 😥 so relatable
  45. Cri-Kee is some great comic relief. Poor thing isn't lucky
  46. How do all of the evil villains in these movies train their birds/snakes/ animals so well. Like can a bird really be that loyal and attentive? Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about. That's very likely
  47. "Make way for the heroes of China" they all look ashamed. They know they're not heroes
  48. "You said you trust Ping. Why is Mulan any different?" YES equal genders!
  49. The bird (eagle??) just snatched the sword!! This is what I'm talking about!
  50. They really should have listened to Mulan.
  51. More cross dressing! Is that one word?
  52. Shang came around 😊
  53. The evil Guy's naked bird is hilarious
  54. How does he pop through the roof like that?
  55. YES she stole is sword using a fan (is there a proper term for this?)
  56. How convenient that they killed him with fireworks
  57. "She's a woman. She'll never be worth anything" 😡
  59. Awwww even Khan
  60. Oh my god. I'm crying. This is amazing.
  61. We need this recognition all around the world. For women. For ALL minorities.
  62. They don't need to save the country to prove their worth though. They're already worth respect.
  63. "You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty" haha
  64. "the greatest gift and honor is having you as a daughter" OK 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  65. Lol at her grandma being into Shang
  66. "Would you like to stay for dinner?" "Would you like to stay forever??" I'm with you, Grandma