1. Lucy is a fuck boy. Fuck girl?
  2. Charlie Brown is too naive
  3. He should really have figured Lucy out by now
  4. How old would they be if they aged regularly?
  5. Sally sees giving thanks as a burden
  6. She just wants to hold Linus's hand 😊
  7. "Fucking hate you, Peppermint Patty"- my sister
  8. Agreed.
  9. Ugh. She really is the worst.
  10. Maybe worse than Lucy? Idk
  11. "Tbh always thought Peppermint Patty was a boy. Fuck Peppermint Patty"- my sister
  12. Peppermint Patty is so manipulative
  13. But I guess it's Charlie Brown's fault be biased he's "too wishy-washy"
  14. She's just inviting more people
  15. They should just let them show up for Thanksgiving and starve. That's what I would do.
  16. No I wouldn't. 😁
  17. I would feel bad just like Charlie Brown
  18. Charlie feels sad because Peppermint Patty will hate him forever. My sister says "Good. Dumb bitch"
  19. Now Snoopy is setting up the table
  20. "I think they're hoarders"- my mom on he state of the garage
  21. "What's the bird's name?" I'm disowning my sister
  22. Snoopy plays ping pong with himself.
  23. Same.
  24. The chairs were always my favorite part.
  25. The one chair that attacks Snoopy was always so funny to me
  26. Still is
  27. I don't get why Marcie calls Peppermint Patty "sir". Aren't they like 8?
  28. "Best scene in any movie ever"- my sister on the food prep scene
  29. The popcorn popping always amazed me
  30. Uh oh. Woodstock stuck Snoopy's ear in the toaster. Seems unrealistic but ok
  31. Snoopy sets a table so well
  32. And his napkin folding skills are on Point
  33. My mom is pointing out that the napkin Snoopy was holding just disappears. She's upset because she needs continuity 😒
  34. Ok Mom.
  35. Snoopy and Woodstock in costume is 💯
  36. What kind of bird is Woodstock?
  37. Also he (she? they?) doesn't really have a beak. How do they eat?
  38. Charlie is annoyed that Snoopy is wearing such a ridiculous outfit to feed the guests
  39. Shouldn't he be concerned about how Snoopy got in the costume
  40. Peppermint Patty wants to pray and everyone looks a little confused
  41. Linus is so strange. He knows so much history but still carries a blanket
  42. My mom pointed out that Franklin is on one side of the table alone and there are four people on the other side.
  43. Segregation? 😬
  44. She's making this cartoon less cute and more sad.
  45. I'm assuming/ hoping it was just a coincidence. This has to be true.
  46. Peppermint Patty being an asshole makes anything else happening seem small
  47. She's so rude.
  48. She always made me angry
  49. You can't invite yourself and two other guests to someone's house and expect anything
  50. Ugh. And she wants Marcie to apologize for her 😒
  51. Ugh. Peppermint Patty is the WORST
  52. This has become a Peppermint Patty hate list
  53. Why are Charlie Brown and Sally's parents not stepping in?
  54. I love the voices over the phone.
  55. That's what I hear when my parents call me
  56. How did Lucy not get an invite to this but Linus did?
  57. Maybe because she tricked Charlie
  58. Serves her right
  59. Now they're in the car singing and they can Not manage to sing all together
  60. Idk if the creators thought it would be more realistic to have them out of sync
  61. I just think it's weird
  62. "Snoopy's dog house is like a tardis"- my sister.
  63. Can you tell she's a Doctor Who fan?
  64. That is a very large turkey for a small dog and a tiny bird
  65. I think Woodstock eating turkey is borderline cannibalism
  66. Cute as hell though
  67. Well, that's all.
  68. Happy Thanksgiving 🎉❤️🍂