There's a Lot to do
  1. Myself
    I'm living back at home now and I have a lot more time to think and work on myself without the pressure of school. It's difficult having my parents around sometimes but I'm hoping I will feel more at ease with some adjustments.
  2. My huge stack of books
    I have more than 30 books that I need and Want to read. I just haven't been able to focus on reading lately.
  3. Getting myself to the gym
  4. Cooking more
    Being at home means I have access to a big kitchen and more appliances and a DISHWASHER!!! I've been cooking my parents dinner every night and it's been a great to have a sort of job to do.
  5. Sleeping regularly
    I just can not keep myself on a regular schedule. It's frustrating and exhausting.
  6. How I can express myself creatively- I feel like I've never figured out what I love to do and it's frustrating
    I mostly feel like I'm not good at anything and I'm hoping that's not actually true.
  7. Leaving the house
    I don't know what it is but I just don't like leaving the house recently. It's been cold so all I want to do is watch tv in my pajamas. But I could use the fresh air.