1. It was a really light reading month for me. I spent the first two or three weeks of the month struggling to motivate myself to read at all so I turned to graphic novels for a kickstart. Hopefully next month is a better reading month for me!
  2. Nimona- Noelle Stevenson
    I Loved Nimona! The art was beautiful and the story was really touching. I think it's a stand alone, which is great, but I loved the characters so much and I want to read more about them.
  3. Blankets- Craig Thompson
    This is a massive book, but it was super quick to get through. I had very high expectations, based on reviews, which weren't exactly met. It was a really nice story and I liked the relationship between the main character and his love interest. Butttt there was also a lot of religious talk in it. This could be a very good thing for people who are religious, but it was unrelatable for me which turned me off of it just enough for me to think "good but eh" when I finished.
  4. Here- Richard McGuire
    This was a beautiful book. There's not a lot of text in it, but the art stands for itself. The entire "story" is looking at the same corner of a room through time. It tells short stories, through pictures and text, about the people who have lived there and the changes that have happened through time and into the future. It's gorgeous and was a very pleasant read.
  5. Career of Evil- Robert Galbraith
    I finally finished this! It took me forever to get through because I was in a horrible reading slump, but I finally dove back in this month and I'm so glad I did. Robin is sent a severed leg in the mail and she and Cormoran set off to find the killer. There is also a lot more drama in their personal lives which made it even more interesting. I can't find any information about the release date for book #4 but I'm very anxious because of the cliffhanger at the end!