unless you're my best friend in which case you've seen me in much worse states, I'm sure.
  1. Did I brush my teeth this morning/after that nap I just took?
    For the record I'm very good at brushing my teeth but I'm also always nervous about the state of my breath which is why I'm so concerned.
  2. When was the last time I showered?
    Chances are it's been a couple days and I'm hoping I'm still passably clean.
  3. Is that stain on my shirt noticeable or passable as a pattern?
    Since you can see the shapes of fingers it's probably pretty noticeable
  4. Can they tell I haven't taken my hair out of this ponytail in three days?
    Then they'll know I haven't showered recently!
  5. Do they really have it together or are they in the same boat as me?
    They probably actually have it together
  6. Are all of my concerns about my hygiene pointing to a bigger issue?