Was that grammatically correct?
  1. It doesn't define my self worth!
    While I have plenty of issues that destroy my self esteem quite regularly, I'm tired of girls/people desperately Needing to have someone to tell them they're pretty/nice/sweet/good enough. Be good enough for yourself!
  2. I've gotten to learn from the experience of others
    While you can learn a lot (maybe more) about relationships by being in them, I've spent these precious 20 years of my life watching others struggle in their relationships. I see what works and what seems to always result in disaster
  3. I've never had my heart broken
    Ok, so this isn't totally true. Plenty of people have broken my heart, but it was definitely a different kind of heart break. Maybe this is setting me up for failure in the future but I'm glad I haven't yet been turned off of potential future relationships because of previous bad experiences
  4. I'm just not ready and that's cool
    A very popular saying/idea is that you have to love yourself first because if you don't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? I've seen too many friends get into relationships because they felt obligated or they needed to feel accepted by someone. I'm not ready to give someone complete access to my feelings and my undivided attention