1. Particularly
    Can anyone say this without going very slowly and carefully??
  2. Preferably
    When I read it I have to pronounce it both ways. I say "pra-ferably" and then I say pref-ferably". Does that make sense?
  3. Prescription
    This is more of a spelling issue. I'm usually great at spelling but this one always trips me up
  4. I realize these have all started with "P" so far. I promise I didn't just open a dictionary and pick out a bunch of words. I guess I'm just bad at "P"s.
  5. Exorcise
    I say it the same way I say "exercise" but then I feel like I'm saying "exorcise" incorrectly and I have to say it slowly and sound it out so I can convince myself that I know the difference between "exercise" and exorcise" even though this is all just in my head and it doesn't matter how I say it to myself in my head.
  6. I've been sitting on this list for a while and haven't thought of anything else to add.
  7. Maybe I've almost completely mastered the English language???
  8. Doubtful.