1. The Tim Ferriss Show
    I love how different every episode is. Tim is smart and very intentional with his questions. I always feel like I learned something after listening.
  2. The Lively Show
    Jess is really articulate, organized, and upbeat. I always feel like I get tangible things from listening. Always uplifting.
  3. The Wellness Wonderland
    Katie has such great energy and puts so much love and attention into every conversation. She has a unique way of curating ideas and material I love--I feel like she really gets it!!
  4. School of Greatness
  5. The Brave Exchange
    Season 1 of the podcast was GOLD. I replay them regularly. Lucy is courageous, inspiring, and seriously makes me want to start my own podcast!
  6. Startup Podcast
    Probably on my top 3. I love getting the inside scoop on what a media start up actually involves.
  7. This American Life
    Always appreciate a well-produced story.
  8. Home of the Brave
    I love this guy's voice.
  9. Serial
    When is this coming back??!