Favourite Apps

Casting aside social media here's a list of my current favourite apps!
  1. Amazon
    See something? Want something? Amazon, 1 Click...far too easy!
  2. Shazam
    I mean how incredible is this app!! Responsible for introducing me to countless artists who would otherwise have remained in my blind spot!
  3. Headspace
    10 minutes of meditation each day really makes a huge difference
  4. Periscope
    The ultimate way to couch tour for free, it has changed my weekends!
  5. Enlight
    Awesome photo editing app with all kinds of cool effects!
  6. Bands in Town
    Essential app for an avid concert goer, I use this to plan my life around & have met new friends at gigs through this amazing little tool!
  7. American Airlines
    Nothing super original about this one but just a shout out to American for a well designed user friendly app!
  8. My Sleep Button
    Perfect companion to send you straight off to sleep 😴
  9. Etsy
    Excellent marketplace with lots of cool products and friendly sellers, must stop by every week 👌🏻
  10. Last but not least, li.st...fab idea, just wish I had thought of it 😂