1. Best Show To Consume While Recovering Slowly from an Upper Left Parotidectomy
    The Americans
  2. Book You Should Not Read At A Coffee Shop, Assuming Your Goal Was To Look Smart and Cool, and Not Like A Sobbing Lunatic
    A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara
  3. Speaking of Which, Isn't It Fun To Also Be a Sobbing Lunatic In the Movie Theater, As Well?
    The Light Between Oceans
  4. Best Romantic Comedy
  5. Best Unromantic Comedy
  6. Best
    High Maintenance
  7. Thank God Hamilton Made Musicals Relevant Again Because Now We Have
    La La Land
  8. 40% Too Long, 65% Too Dour and 90% Overrated
    Black Mirror
  9. Best Television Episode About the Inherent Futility of Cancelling an LA Times Subscription, and of Life
    Bojack Horseman, "Stop The Presses"
  10. Most Overwhelmingly Perfect SNL Sketch
    Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, paying tribute to Leonard Cohen
  11. HBO-iest HBO Program We All Said "Uh, Sure" To
  12. Laura's Pick for 2017 Best Picture Oscar, As Well As Every Other Award, Based Objectively on the Quality of the Film and Discounting Any Inherent Biases
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  13. Live Music That Made Costly Festival Passes and $48 Beers Worth It
    Todd Terje, Father John Misty, LCD Soundsystem
  14. Let's All Just Forget About
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  15. Most (Oddly) Comforting Podcast
    My Favorite Murder
  16. Least Comforting Longform Journalism
    "Who Are All These Trump Supporters," George Saunders
  17. Book Club Book Most Likely to Turn Your Book Club Into a Murderous Cult Controlled by a Charismatic but Unhinged Leader
    The Girls, Emma Cline
  18. Election Most Likely to Turn Your Country Into a Murderous Cult Controlled by a Charismatic but Unhinged Leader
    2016 Presidential Election