1. Snow White and the Seven AirbNb Hosts Who Are Maybe Actually Just a Cult in Joshua Tree?
  2. Rapunzel (Really Wants to Let Strangers in the Check Out Line at Whole Foods in Venice to Know that Castor Oil is The Secret to Her Long Hair, and Is Also A Great Alternative to Vaccines)
  3. Sleeping Beauty is going to be So Skinny When she Wakes up from that Juice Cleanse-Induced Hunger Coma
  4. Hansel and Gretel and other multi-racial children at the Montessori school off Hyperion Avenue.
  5. Beauty and the Finance Bro who Doesn't Have Any Visible Tattoos but It's Sort of Nice to Date a Non-Standup Comedian with a 401k.
  6. Jack and the Bean and Quinoa Salad from Tender Greens that Didn't Have Enough Goat Cheese
  7. The Move-In Ready Castle in Highland Park that is on the Market for Less than $500k