Nostalgic Theme Bars That Are Coming Soon To Donald Trump's America™

If you like arcade bars, 50's tiki cocktail lounges or any place that advertises itself as a "speakeasy," then, as a citizen of Trump The One True Leader, you'll LOVE these bars that are cleverly themed after a bygone era:
  1. The Fourth Estate
    This tongue-in-cheek throwback bar pays homage to the glory days of bull pens, beats, sufficient budgets from ad revenue and the existence of the first amendment. Patrons who once enjoyed the societal benefits of a thriving free press can now enjoy their cocktails on top of the remains of an old printing press. Quaint!
  2. The Golden Era
    Housed in an old warehouse furnished with funky vintage TV sets, this bar serves as tribute to a time before re-runs of The Apprentice and Miss USA were the only available television. They say "culture is dead" under Sarah Palin's FCC, but this quirky bar will remind you that reflexive nostalgia can be a suitable substitute for new ideas.
  3. The Middle Class
    Their signature drink is called the "Upward Mobility," but it's not available to most women and non-whites.