For best results, we recommend installing The Insecurity App permanently on your home screen.
  1. Fluorescent Lighting Mode now also functions in most public bathrooms, and when your camera is in selfie mode.
    This mode allows the user to see what they REALLY look like to all the people they most hope to impress, and results in existential dread and the desire to go home.
  2. Optimized Sense of Rejection Functionality
    The user can now perceive themselves to have been rejected on a personal level in an increased number of scenarios, ranging from an unacknowledged text to any slightly ambiguous interaction with any person, ever.
  3. Sexual Confidence Bug Fix
    A glitch in the previous release gave some users a misplaced sense of desirability and empowerment during intercourse; this update will solve that issue.
  4. Coming Soon: More comprehensive integration with the Anxiety App