Based on the priceless documentary "Weiner"
  1. "Amidst Mortals"
    Huma hires a strapping young college graduate to serve as her personal assistant. He knows he isn't deserving of her, but every so often, when they are alone, he looks into her eyes and tells her with passionate intensity - "You are my goddess." Then he brings her a coffee.
  2. "Worthy of Her"
    Huma meets a handsome, reclusive billionaire at a fundraising event for HRC in Menlo Park. Poised, fierce and immeasurably beautiful, Huma lingers over his table and basks in his awed yet respectful admiration of her. A frisson of electricity passes between them as he hands Huma a campaign donation for a million dollars.
  3. "Carlos Danger"
    When at home, Anthony scuttles around on his knees wearing only a pair of khakis and a leather leash and collar. However, Huma really can't be bothered to be his master, so she hires an ambitious immigrant to do it for her, and pays him a living wage. Sometimes Huma and the immigrant cuddle and watch Netflix while Anthony sits quietly on the floor.
  4. "The Ultimate Fantasy"
    The year is 2024, and Huma is elected president alongside running mate Elizabeth Warren.