The stars have aligned: your liberal arts education, your moderately engaged social following and your unique astrological sign make you a perfect candidate to share 2-3 minute snippets of your artistic vision with a handful of apathetic Facebook friends. Will you create the next High Maintenance or Broad City? MAYBE!
  1. Pisces
    The world needs a web series about urban millennials who are trying to figure life, love and adulthood on their own terms - and you are JUST the person to write two and a half scripts for it before deciding to watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix instead!
  2. Libra
    What would the world be like if you were a little bit richer, a little bit more attractive and you had a gimmicky life obstacle, such as an unexpected pregnancy or a quirky but inexplicably profitable business venture? Well, you'd have yourself a web series called "ChALlenges!" (Your character's name is Al).
  3. Virgo
    You're going to eschew a web series in favor of directing a short film about your father, who is a survivor of the 1973 oil crisis, but whose relationship with you is strained due to his unwillingness to support your Kickstarter for this film.
  4. Aries
    Two frisky roommates. One IKEA bed. Plus one hilarious pug! (It's actually just a homemade sex tape that will get posted on Redtube when your laptop gets stolen.)
  5. Other Signs
    You're going to discuss some ideas with some friends in your improv class, but then decide to do a podcast instead.