Received chronologically
  1. Girl Scout Talent Show- 1st place trophy
    1st grade. A literal choreography to Britney Spears's "Lucky" that I still perform to this day.
  2. Girl Scout Bake-Off - 2nd place ribbon
    2nd grade. My mom made butterfinger candy cookies and I couldn't eat them because it contained chocolate
  3. Soccer ball dribbling- 3rd place ribbon
    3rd grade Field Day, a fluke.
  4. Girl Scout Big Sister Award- Huge trophy that needs its own shelf
    3rd grade. Awarded for being the kindest scout, the highest honor in Brownies. My proudest achievement.
  5. Swimming lessons- Participation trophy
    4th grade. Still can't dive.
  6. Odyssey of the Mind- 3rd Regional Medal, 2nd State Medal, NJ
    6th Grade. A creativity competition that gave me lifelong anxiety disorder. Went on to get last place in the World Finals in Iowa.
  7. Pinewood Derby - 2nd place trophy
    7th grade, Girl Scouts. My dad built my mini wooden car, and I lost to my little sister's car which he also built.
  8. Spanish Award - Medal
    Octavo grado
  9. Jazz Band - Participation medal
    8th grade, second clarinet, second pianist, third steel drum
  10. Girl Scout Silver Award - Certificate and Pin
    8th grade. Achieved the much more prestigious Gold Award in 12th grade and did not receive recognition for it outside of my own resume.
  11. Quidditch World Cup - Champion medal
    10th grade, Infinitus Harry Potter con 2010. Played beater
  12. Minnesota dog sledding expedition survivor - Certificate
    11th grade. Would not have received if not surviving was an option.
  13. Carnival Cruise "Flags of the World" Trivia - Medal
    11th grade. Did not make any new friends on trip to Bahamas.
  14. Carnival Cruise "Partner Word Association" game - Medal
    11th grade with my mother. 9/10 correct so people accused us of cheating.
  15. National Honor Society / Journalism Honor Society - Certificates
    12th grade president / literally forgot this was ever a thing until right now looking at the wall.
  16. Garden State Scholastic Press Association Scholarship - Certificate and 💯💰
    12th grade. The product of an intense 4 years on the school newspaper that took itself too seriously.
  17. Wilderness First Responder course completion - Certificate
    2nd year of college- Ya'll have no idea how important this is, until you fall off a cliff while hiking with me.
  18. Best Costume - Ribbon
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    Last Halloweekend, for our badass Sansa/Baelish costumes from Game of Thrones. Technically only @tihwli won, but he gave me the ribbon for my efforts.