Travel envy is real. I've felt inferior to people living abroad because of their "life changing" moments posted to social media. While you may have been jealous of my British mountain vistas, here are a few memories that didn't make the feed.
  1. Getting my wallet stolen on the bus in Reading
    Lost 200 dollars, 100 pounds, my credit cards, my drivers license, my student ID which means I had to spend the summer carrying around my transcripts for discounts, my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, and the Michael Kors wallet itself.
  2. 2 and a half months of anxiety over whether my boyfriend's mom likes me or not
  3. Getting locked in a room for an hour to be grilled about my sexual history by an Irish pharmacist
    Here we just don't get asked any questions and avoid making eye contact while paying for Plan B like a GODDAMN AMERICAN
  4. Eating only peanut butter from a jar for 3 days because of not having any money to buy food
    Because of my wallet being stolen while my boyfriend was unreachable in Spain
  5. Knocking on inns in the middle of a rainy night like Mary and Joesph, only to end up pitching a tent on someone's farm in Wales
    Our air mattress deflated that night and I was awoken by swarms of chickens
  6. Losing my FitBit at a nightclub
    But it was returned back to Jersey 3 months later by a super kind stranger who tracked me down!
  7. Waiting 3 hours to be seen by the NHS to treat bronchitis
    A beautiful thing that they have socialized healthcare, a struggle that would simply never be tolerated back home
  8. Feeling car sick every day, eventually getting sick on my boyfriend's shoes on the way to his college graduation outside of the car while his family watched
  9. Spending a whole day at the Blarney Stone gift shop because IRISH RAIN DON'T QUIT
  10. Missing the Harry Potter Studio Tour because of my wallet being stolen
  11. Suffering through British pizza
  12. Being kept awake all night in Dublin from my hostel mate snoring
  13. Having a meltdown over not being able to get ANY food after 8 p.m.
    The absolute worst thing about the UK don't let anyone tell you differently.
  14. Crying in a park in Edinburgh over the realization we were burnt out and would probably die in the woods if we continued deeper into Scotland.
    A moment which actually was documented in the family vacation photos that were being taken in front of us!
  15. Feeling like a failure when we turned around back to England
    But it was the best decision we made, as one day soon we will enjoy a trip to Scotland when we are able to give it our all.
  16. Paying $500 to move my flight up 9 days early and again feeling like a failure
    I really missed home, and I wouldn't have gotten my job at the BBC if I hadn't.
  17. Fighting innumerable times with my boyfriend over stupid things because that's what happens when you spend 1,800 hours straight with a person.
    But not we get to feel superior towards every other couple because we're stronger for it
  18. ~interspersed with far more amazing, actually life changing moments and feeling #blessed to be sharing these adventures with the man I love~ but shit happens no matter where you are