1. Specific details about my future wedding
    I once had the actual thought "oh that's too expensive" while browsing potential venues online as if it was a pressing issue
  2. Being Kit Harington's date to the Emmys and everyone I know watching the red carpet thinking "damn, she made it"
  3. Perfectly executing the piano solo in Scenes from an Italian Restaraunt
  4. What my caption would be on Humans of New York
  5. Being so successful that Taylor Swift collects me as a friend
  6. Being a fire bending wizard at Hogwarts who marries George Weasley
  7. Kit getting annoyed at me for posting a cute candid pic of us on Instagram because he doesn't "do" social media.
  8. Being a YouTube celebrity
    Being a third rate podcast celebrity didn't really do it for me
  9. Running into people from middle school so they can see how much hotter I got
  10. Potential names for children
    Jude, Amelia, Liam, Charlotte (before Kate Middleton made it trendy) Gavin, Kieran
  11. Making a surprise cameo at a high profile rap concert to sing the hook and blowing everyone's minds
  12. Posting a video compilation of the best documented moments of my relationship culminating in an engagement announcement
    On top of Machu Picchu
  13. Having my mom DVR my own travel television show
    And then my dad deletes it to make space for Naked and Afraid
  14. Someone writing a song about me
  15. My high school crushes being interested in me and I get to turn them down this time
    NOT INTERESTED BRO I'm dating Jon fucking Snow so keep walking
  16. Making someone's day by responding to them on social media because they're obsessed with me
    I'm one of those down to earth celebrities that just ~cares~
  17. Speaking at my high school's career day because I'm the alumni they're most proud of
  18. Being casual friends with the actresses who play Sansa and Arya Stark
    Kit introduced us at the Emmys and we really hit it off bantering about the embarrassing things he does
  19. Straight up CRUSHING the Amazing Race with my mom
  20. Instagramming my toned abs
    Pasta doesn't pack on pounds in this fantasy so I never have to give it up
  21. Having the confidence to karaoke "Fucking Problems"
    Because I rap it PERFECTLY.
  22. In celeb interviews, talking about how I was super nerdy and bullied as a kid, but people don't believe me because I'm just too damn hot and talented.
  23. Dancing to "Can't Feel My Face" at my wedding with my best man
    In this scenario Kit and I are just platonic best friends and he's the best man at my wedding to my actual real life boyfriend.