1. Wizard - 7 years old (to present, let's be real)
    I know we praise J.K. Rowling a lot for bettering the world and what not, but really all she did was set me up for a lifetime of crushing disappointment.
  2. Marine Biologist - 8 years old
    You pick a glass dolphin souvenir at South of the Border once, your mom convinces you its your destiny. A dream that was crushed during my first weekend marine biology class, where I was told to dissect a clam. NOPE peace.
  3. Poet and part time fiction writer- 9 years old
    If my dad keeps my poem about what flower I think I am in his glove compartment, it means I'll be poet laureate eventually right?
  4. Fourth Grade English Teacher - 10-11 years old
    The fourth grade classrooms were on the other side of the school and thus 'legit school'
  5. Katie Couric - 12-13 years old
    One day while watching the Today Show I realized, "Wait there's a job where I can just talk all day and people will be forced to listen to me?"
  6. Anderson Cooper - 14 years old
    Psh the Today Show is 70% day drinking, 20% Al Roker announcing old people's birthdays and 10% pretending that interviewing the Kardashians matter. Now I was gonna cover the real shit.
  7. Feature Profile Writer - 16 years old
    The New York Times '1 in 8 Million' series made me fall in love with feature journalism and telling people's stories. Something I still feel strongly about doing today, but as a...
  8. Globe Trekking, culture loving, adventure seeking, travel reporter - 17 years old till I die or get tired of being poor
    Globe Trekker is the best show out there, and I'm not stopping till I'm presenting on it. In the meantime, my own travel reporting at the Beeb will have to do.