I got a new phone and while cleaning out the photos I found these gems
  1. While watching The Sopranos (so good) it dawned on me that Steve Buscemi and Macaulay Culkin are almost the same person. I had to make a visual and share my a-ha moment.
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  2. Anderson Cooper had his own talk show a while ago. I watched it, paused it and took a pic of him wearing a cat sweater.
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  3. Front page new of the Vancouver Sun. Cats, grumpy or lonely?
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  4. Continuing the cat theme, my cat looking like Jabba the Hut with laser eyes. The brighter eye is the one that steals the soul.
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  5. I used to work at a television station and got some crazy mail. This was my favorite as it was so incredibly elaborate. It's been on my phone for 5 years.
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  6. This picture of the time a fly died by flying into my eye.
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  7. These men on a fun fur covered tandem bike en route to a Beck concert.
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