I moved from Athens, Ohio to New York City around three years ago and while I'm happy with that decision, some things just aren't the same.
  1. Being able to hop in my car after a long day and knowing I'll be home in 10-15 minutes.
    Having a car in NYC would be nearly impossible in my situation but I sure could do without my hour long commute. Anywhere you go in the city (not in walking distance) will take AT LEAST half an hour if nothing goes wrong on the train.
  2. Convenient access to super stores.
    This is not one I saw coming but sometimes I really miss being able to get everything you need in one place. You can get to them here but usually not without difficulty. Unless you live inside the Barclays's Center or something.
  3. Half & half, people!
    Literally any restaurant you go to in New York will serve you regular milk when you order coffee if you don't specify. This one isn't a big deal because it's not hard to give a milk preference but it took a minute to get used to. It doesn't taste the same, guys.
  4. Cracker Barrel
    I have no shame.
  5. Trips to the mall.
    It's pretty cool to live ten yards from Urban Outfitters and just a short walk from MAC, but I miss my trips to the mall with my mom! Most people hated that you had to drive at least 45 minutes from my hometown to get to a real mall but I enjoyed the whole experience of it. The mall was my happy place as a teenager and there's no real substitute for that.
  6. Wide open spaces.
    Room to make a big mistake.
  7. Cheese on anything no questions asked.
    Yes I want cheese on my BLT thankyouverymuch.