Content Warning: violence against insects & arachnids
  1. There once was a spider who lived in my window.
    Between the glass and the screen.
  2. When it's not too hot or cold, I enjoy keeping the windows open, but as the window where the spider lived was next to my bed, I had mixed feelings about having this window open.
  3. The spider set up some webs in the corner and mostly stayed hidden behind a part of the window.
    Every time I thought he was gone and opened the window back up, sure enough, after a few hours he (or she) would be back out to inspect the web.
  4. Since he stayed in a corner next to a gap where he could easily hide, my attempts to eliminate him from my life had been unsuccessful.
  5. One day, as I sat on my bed reading, facing the window no less, I see a fly buzzing against the screen trying to get into the great outdoors.
  6. Maybe half an hour later I hear the fly buzzing again.
  7. I glance at him and realize that he is sitting (stuck maybe?) on the spider's web.
    And out pops Mr. Arachnid himself.
  8. My pulse quickens.
    What if the fly is stuck? Do I watch the spider devour the fly? Do I ambush him halfway through the meal? The many possibilities race through my brain.
  9. After about a minute and a half, the fly begins to move. He is not caught, at least not completely.
  10. The spider hurries toward his potential prey, but the fly is no longer in danger.
  11. Suddenly I realize that the spider is far enough away from the corner to properly swat with a fly swatter.
  12. I jump up and run to grab my weapon, praying I don't miss my chance.
    I'm in luck. I smack that bastard down.
  13. The fly is still buzzing against the screen.
    I smack him too. Good riddance.