Because sitting in a coffee shop the day after Thanksgiving, this is what my brother and his friends do.
  1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatloaf
  2. Beetlesjuice
  3. Children of Men in Black
  4. Star War of the Worlds
  5. King Arthur's Nose
  6. A Tale of Two Broke Girls
  7. The Allman Brothers Karamazov
  8. Steppenwolf
  9. Band of Brothers Where Art Thou?
  10. Pretty in Pink Panther
  11. Bare Naked Lady in the Water
  12. Green Days of our Lives
  13. Of Mice and Men at Work
  14. Modest Mousetrap
  15. Slingbladerunner
  16. Mouse Hunt for the Red October
  17. Jimmy Eat War of the Worlds
  18. Don't Blink-182
  19. Hardy Boys to Men
  20. The Berenstain Bare Naked Ladies
  21. Gone with the Earth Wind and Fire
    My only contribution
  22. Grapes of Wrath of Khan
  23. Octopussy Cat Dolls
  24. Full Metallica Jacket
  25. The Fault in Our Pawn Stars
  26. Snakes on a Jefferson Airplane
  27. The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
  28. Ben-Her
  29. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Weekend
  30. Top Guns N Roses
  31. A Few Good Men in Black
  32. National Treasure Island
  33. Behind the Beautiful Forever and a Day
    Nevermind I got another!
  34. A Knight's Tale of Two Cities
  35. The Scarlet Letters from Iwa Jima
  36. The Battle Royale Tennenbaums
  37. The Fantastic Mr. Fox and the Hound
  38. John I Am Ledgend
  39. The Fantastic Mr. Jamie Foxx
  40. Django Un-Alice in Chains
  41. Kanye West World
  42. Breaking Bad News Bears
  43. Prison Point Break
  44. Dr. Strangeloverboy
  45. The Bridge Over the River Why
  46. Field of What Dreams May Come
  47. Dances with Wolves of Wall Street
  48. The Thin Red Drumline
  49. The Nutty Dr. Zhivago
  50. Where the Red Badge of Courage Grows
  51. Charlie Brown vs. Board of Education
  52. Tom Petty and the Braveheart Breakers
  53. Breakfast Club of Champions
  54. The Whooiers
  55. We Are Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  56. Cinderella Man on a Wire
  57. Con-Air Bud
  58. Snow White Snake
  59. Dead Mouse Poets' Socoety
  60. Ender's Game of Thrones
  61. Some Like It Hot Fuzz
  62. A Clockwork Orange is the New Black
  63. The King and I Robot
  64. Independence Day to Remember
  65. Megadeath of a Salesman
  66. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Dead
  67. Paradise Lost in Translation
  68. 2001 A Space Jam Oddessy
  69. Eyes Wide Shutter Island
  70. Vanilla Skyfall
  71. Rising Sons of Anarchy
  72. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Frankenstein
  73. The Jungle Book of Eli
  74. The Godfather of the Bride
  75. Trainspotting, Planes, and Automobiles
  76. Fast and Furious Times at Ridgemont High
  77. Monster M.A.S.H.
  78. Blue Velvet Revolver
  79. Talking Eraser Heads
  80. Mulholland Drive
  81. 30 Rock from the Sun
  82. Bruce Springsteen Titans
  83. Son of Saw
  84. The Green Miles and Otis
  85. Annie Hall and Oats
  86. Eddie Moneyball
  87. Van Helsinging in the Rain
  88. Swiss Family Robinson Crusoe
  89. Gulliver Blues Traveler
  90. 20,000 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Under the Sea
  91. My 600 Pound Life of Pi
  92. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Rock
  93. Stairway to Heaven is for Real
  94. Jurassic Parks and Rec
  95. Neil Diamonds Are Forever
  96. Goldfinger Death Punch
  97. The Presidents of the United States of American Beauty
  98. Black Swan Lake