Contents of the 'If There's Room' list

I'm preparing to move to another country for 9 months to teach English to high schoolers. I'm only taking 1 suitcase and a carry-on
  1. Fan
    I take one when I go swing dancing. Definitely could live without, but previous dancing in Europe has led me to expect crowded rooms, no air-conditioning, and outdoor summer dances. It's small and light and can probably be tucked in somewhere.
  2. Bathrobe
    I have a super comfy robe I love to lounge in on lazy mornings, but realistically, it's probably not worth the space it takes.
  3. Flute
    It's small as far as instruments go, and I regretted not having it last time I was abroad, but if space is tight, it's not strictly necessary, just a nice stress reliever.
  4. Heeled dance shoes
    I love having a heeled option for dancing, but shoes take a lot of space and heels in particular are probably heavy.
  5. Several books
    A few have already been picked out to go, but I'll stuff in as many paperbacks as I can.