1. Four days. That's all the time I have left "with you."
  2. I haven't seen you since Sunday. My heart hurts when I think about that.
  3. And last night you said it was too late at 10:30. You had to get to bed.
  4. And I know you probably were tired. And I know you really did have to get up early for practice today, but...
  5. Four days.
  6. Really three because I won't get to see you the day I leave.
    Will I see you tonight?
  7. Every time I think about you and the fact that I won't kiss you for nine months, I get watery eyes.
  8. Every time I realize there will have to be a goodbye.
  9. And knowing your schedule that conversation is going to be between 9 and 10pm Monday.
    I'm being unfair.
  10. You're the best love I've known.
  11. And I'm the one leaving, so it's my fault if we don't make it through the next nine months.
    I don't know if I could forgive myself.