Or, why I feel just as much, if not more, affection for my pen pals than I do for some friends I see regularly
  1. The surprise and joy of receiving mail that is neither junk mail nor addressed to a former resident (nor something I ordered online myself) is a feeling I cherish.
  2. More than electronic messages, letters feel personal and thoughtful.
  3. Not that I don't appreciate electronic messages. I do. And I would never fault someone for not writing a letter.
  4. But knowing that someone sat down and made a conscious choice to put pen to paper, and to address and stamp an envelope for me, especially when they have the option of opening Facebook messenger, gives me warm fuzzies.
  5. There is something inherently romantic about letters. And yet I have rarely exchanged love letters. I'd actually rather write to a dear friend and see how poetically the words can flow from a place of friendly affection (devoid of lust, but overflowing with feeling).
  6. Since it is a felony to open someone's mail, I somehow feel my secrets are safer in a letter than somewhere on the inerwebs.
  7. Especially if I cannot see someone face-to-face, sending them my well wishes on paper gives them a physical reminder that I care.
  8. Letters are perfect for deep discussion because there is no expectation of a quick response. Both parties are expected to take their time and reply when they have the mental space to give it serious thought.
  9. When I sit down to write a letter, I feel a little bit like a Jane Austen character.