1. Morning: Oh, that thing is tonight. That will probably be fun. But I don't really want to have to talk to people. And I don't want to drive there. You're just being negative. You should make up your mind to go because once you get there chances are you'll have fun. Ugh. But talking to people. Maybe not. I don't know.
    You can text that friend and see if he'll be there. Maybe only go if he goes.
  2. Afternoon: You know, today I'm feeling pretty good. I want to dance. I should offer to DJ a set so I can't back out. This good vibe is going to last all day, I can feel it.
    Isn't getting this music together fun?
  3. Evening: Yeah, there were legit reasons I didn't want to go this morning. Why did you let the pleasant afternoon deceive you? I don't want to talk to anyone and of course now I'm tired. And that friend got back to me and isn't going. Perfect.