1. I stopped at Dollar General to get these babies
    Because stress eating and I can't get them in Italy
  2. The cashier asked if I would like to donate a dollar to the Literacy Foundation (or something like that). I said yes.
  3. She responded "Oh! That's awesome!" With much surprise and enthusiasm
    Apparently I broke the monotony of her required script.
  4. The guy behind me said "I'd like to donate a dollar too" before she even started checking him out.
    Ripples. Or coincidence.
  5. I used to be very naive and only knew of the meth and other drug problems in my corner of the Midwest in the abstract.
  6. I was driving down the street, saw a guy shirtless and stumbling, and smoking a cigarette.
  7. I thought, "That dude's tweaking out right now."
    But I wish now that my first thought had been, "I hope he's okay"
  8. Terry's Tax Services and Terry's Pool Supplies are in the same building, with the same lettering on the signs.
    Tell me your life story, Terry.
  9. D. tried to tell me so long and good luck and I'm proud of you and you've done a good job the last year working here, but D. isn't great at expressing emotions or at least at making coherent conversation when he's trying to express emotions.
    I understood him anyway.
  10. I wonder if he expresses his emotions to his wife and kids with the same lack of articulation
  11. There was a spider on the inside of the front door.
  12. I must have been in a generous mood because usually my reaction would be to kill it.
  13. Stress dreams are the weirdest.
  14. I went to the county park by the river to hike and enjoy the peace of nature.
  15. There were screaming children so I left.
    Conclusion: small towns never have what you need when you need it.