I don't know what compelled my to do it (other than a fondness for letter-writing), but when my friend announced he would be mostly available by snail mail for the next year, I asked for his address and actually wrote a letter.
  1. There is poetry in every corner of life, if you only listen for it.
    About reading multiple books at once: "But then when you keep too many things spinning, some spin out permanently or wobble by the time you return to them. It's a bit absurd, but perhaps that alone delights me."
  2. The human capacity for love knows no bounds.
    Not only does he write truly thoughtful and caring letters while knowing we disagree on many, many things, but knowing someone who is willing to dedicate their entire life to serving others in a particularly taxing way is inspiring even if I don't personally agree with it. I know his heart is in the right place.
  3. Catholic priests come from all walks of life.
    His novitiate includes someone "obsessed" with the 'cosmic horror' genre, a doctor of physics, a Yale-trained physician, a relatively recent convert from the Baptist church, and a Canadian who he likes to introduce as "the exotic novice."
  4. The Dominican habit looks super comfortable.
    Though at my alma mater someone attacked a Dominican priest, mistaking him for a member of the KKK. So, maybe they're a little dangerous too.
  5. I enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life.
    And this shouldn't just be limited to people from other countries.