1. As a kid I had the impression that my parents were very boring people.
    Now I just realize that they're fairly introverted.
  2. Sometime around middle school maybe I, in a fit of frustration about my lack of an exciting social life, insisted that my parents throw a New Year's Eve party.
    Not that this in any way boosted my social life because my parents are not crazy party people, but it did mean that I didn't spend New Year's Eve at home in my room sulking.
  3. To my great dismay, just before people began to arrive, my dad changed into a hideous Hawaiian shirt.
    'Seriously, Dad. What is that?' middle school me demanded. 'You can't wear that.'
  4. 'This is my party shirt!'
    He replied with a smile.
  5. 'No, Dad. Go change.'
  6. He did not change.
    He thought it was hilarious that I was embarrassed by it. He also apparently genuinely thinks that you are being festive if you wear a Hawaiian shirt to a party?
  7. Turns out that my parents enjoyed having people over for New Year's Eve.
    Menu: egg rolls, cheese dip, wassail, chocolate covered cherries, and whatever others brought to contribute.
  8. The following year, minutes before party goers walk in the door, 'Dad! Why do you have on a Hawaiian shirt again?! I thought you were just doing that to make me angry last year...'
    He laughs.
  9. 'I told you, this is my party shirt!'
    I argued and argued. He did not change.
  10. Sometime in high school I decided on a solution to this embarrassment.
  11. For Christmas I gave him a t-shirt on which I had hand painted the phrase 'This is my party shirt!'
    Red shirt with yellow and green letters (if memory serves correctly). Hideous.
  12. It worked.
    Instead of changing into a Hawaiian shirt, he happily switched to his 'party shirt.'
  13. This was cute for a year or two.
  14. 6+ years later, I'm back at my parents' for New Year's Eve...
  15. And I'm terrified that he's going to bust out the party shirt tonight