My dad is a charming French man who, most would argue, has been pretty good at life. He's been traveling the last couple of months but is back in LA and we had lunch.
  1. Success comes from sincerity
    When talking about making good work decisions he was driving the point home that even in business it's important to still be yourself. He said "people don't like it if they think you're slippery".
  2. Let the chickens find their way home
    My dad lives in Mexico half the time and has 18 chickens that run very free during the day. He said that every night as it starts to get dark, on their own, the hens will find their way back to the coop. He, no doubt, was gently reminding me that I don't have to manage everything and often stuff turns out great the less you try to push it.
  3. Do what pleases you
    I was talking about how my agent wants me to go one direction but I feel like I want to show a broader spectrum of work and in general feel burnt out on shooting home after home and love the travel and food assignments. He told me its important to find pleasure in what you do, even if in very small ways. He said to do what pleases me. Cut right through all my thinking. We all inherently know what is pleasing to us. Good reminder that more than strategy, being the moment can be the best direction
  4. Charm is ageless
    He's 66 and telling me about the two women he's been seeing on and off. One is French, the other German and 20 years younger.
  5. Take the risk
    Basically take the risk to be vulnerable, to find an edge where you are a little uncomfortable. Sometimes , ironically, you find that when you choose to do what pleases you.
  6. Work with people you like
    Basically trust your gut and work with people who push you a little and also are a pleasure to be around. He described a photographer friend who had an assistant who was terrible at technical things but who he loved to be around. It elevated his work because he was having a good day.