I'm on team knausgaard. Also whatever you think, the photos by Peter van Agtmael in the piece are 💯👌
  1. To total strangers, I had babbled away. With no dignity whatsoever, happy and enthusiastic over every little thing. I had given compliments! My eyes had filled up with tears at my own human warmth and goodness. Oh, Jesus, was I an idiot.
  2. All writers, artists and musicians know the feeling: when you disappear into what you are doing, lose yourself in it and are no longer aware that you exist, while at the same time the feeling of existing is profound and total and what you make is never better.
  3. My eyes teared up, not because the sight was so beautiful, but because the beauty was so sudden.
  4. It wasn’t that I didn’t speak English, it was that I stood on the outside of the flow that made things glide along easily and without friction, where everything said and done was as expected. I was in command of the content, but not of the form, and form is always the most important ...
  5. ...working all the time is also a way to simplify life, to parry its demands, especially the demand to be happy.
  6. But did it matter whether it was authentic or not? Hadn’t this country been built on the promise of avoiding this very question?